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Asserting values in multiple rows

There may be scenarios in which values from DB that exist in multiple rows must be validated. So, for example, if you want to check a username from row ID 1 and a username from row ID 3, as shown in the highlighted rows in the following table, then you can use the multi assert option in NoCodeBDD.


The steps to check these in NoCodeBDD are given below:

  1. Create a step to run the required SQL and define a step definition by going to the step definition page in NoCodeBDD and selecting SQL.
  1. For the step in which you want to assert value from DB, select the StepDef DB -> “Assert SQL Response”. Then, in the Assert dialog, select “Multiple rows” and enter the row numbers as well as the values you would like to assert, as shown below. NoCodeBDD will automatically take values from DB and assert values from the rows selected.
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