Requirements Traceability

It’s never been this easy to trace requirements

Create Living Documents

Create requirements using plain language that explains how your software works simply, converting this into living documents by creating an automation suite in minutes using our automation modules. This way, your requirements are always up to date.

Requirements that validates

Define your requirements in plain language and using our no-code modules validate the implemented software in few clicks. Execute your requirements, which are in plain language, by click of a button to understand if your software works as expected by the business

Release often and Release with Confidence

By integrating NoCodeBDD, as part of your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), your software gets validated as you build each functionality. This is a game changer for software development teams, as they could validate if the implemented software works as expected by the business. This cuts down your release cycle and improved quality and efficiency of your software releases drastically

Engage all stakeholders through JIRA Integration

You can sync scenarios between JIRA and NoCodeBDD with the click of a button. This will allow your business and senior stakeholders can continue to manage the user stories and requirements in JIRA and the software teams can use NoCodeBDD to validate if the implemented software works as per the agreed scenarios