19 10, 2022

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Automation: Automate Mobile Apps through few clicks

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With NoCodeBDD, teams can automate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Scenarios for mobile applications with few clicks. To create test automation for mobile scenarios, typically, one would use Appium. Using NoCodeBDD, all you have to do is: Collaborate and derive scenarios  Automate scenarios using the no-code mobile module  Run scenarios to test your [...]

29 09, 2022

BDD automation: Avoid conditional logic in your test code

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if("student".equals(userType)){ Assert.assertEquals("STUDENT REGISTERED SUCCESSFULLY",actualMsg); }else{ Assert.assertEquals("ALUMNI REGISTERED SUCCESSFULLY",actualMsg); } When you have test code written like that given above—or. in other words, the code is written to assert an outcome based on conditional logic—it won't test the scenario as it should. When writing test automation code for behavior-driven development (BDD) [...]

8 09, 2022

BDD Automation: Why is considering parallel run from day one important

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Running features in behavior driven development (BDD) automation test suite in parallel is fairly straightforward. With NoCodeBDD, running features in parallel is a default option and can be switched between serial and parallel run through click of a button, as shown below: Running BDD in parallel in NoCodeBDD Enabling BDD [...]

18 08, 2022

OOPSI: An Awesome BDD Collboration Technique

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Collaborating and deriving scenarios that gives the desired business outcomes and making sure all team members understand the scenarios are a critical step in a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) process. OOPSI, is a collaboration technique, that facilitates this. OOPSI was originally coined by Jenny Martin and Pete Buckney. We rolled out OOPSI in [...]

4 08, 2022

Integrating JIRA with your BDD

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Behavior Driven Development (BDD) scenarios can be synced to a Atlassian JIRA agile project management tool and when a BDD scenario fails, a defect can be raised in JIRA through click of a button through "NoCodeBDD - JIRA sync" Atlassian extension. The reason we created this extension is to: Improve [...]

21 07, 2022

Why Behavior-Driven Development can be a game changer for Startups?

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BCG estimates that 70% of digital transformation efforts fall short of meeting targets. A 2020 CISQ report found that the total cost of unsuccessful development projects among US firms is an estimated $260 billion, whereas the total cost of operational failures caused by poor quality software is estimated at $1.56 trillion. The Standish Group’s [...]

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