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Using local mobile app

You can automate BDD Mobile Scenarios in NoCodeBDD in minutes and without any code. The following step shows how it is done.

If you are going to run your automated mobile steps against the local mobile devices then you need to install the Appium in your local (Installing Appium). Then follow the steps below

Step 1: In the settings page of the NoCodeBDD, select Mobile Device Settings. Then click New Mobile Configuration

Step 2: After adding the mobile setting you can add the mobile stepdefs by selecting the step definitions option of a step.

Step 3: In the step definitions page select New Step Definition and select mobile.

Step 4: Now select the Mobile Actions option.

Step 5: Now select the action which you want to perform on the mobile app and provide appropriate values to it.

Step 6: After adding all the step definitions to the steps of the scenario. Go to the Run page and run the mobile scenarios.

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