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Installing and Running NoCodeBDD is fairly straightforward, as shown in the steps given below. Before following these steps, for better results please ensure your system has 8GB RAM. 

If you have .exe, then double click on the file and just follow the steps. It should install NoCodeBDD automatically.

If you have downloaded a jar file, then use the following steps:

Step 1: Copy the downloaded jar to a folder where you want NoCodeBDD to run. For example, in Windows, many users would typically run it  under C:\Program Files\NoCodeBDD (This folder needs to be created) and copy it to the NoCodeBDD folder

Step 2: Open a terminal and go to the folder where the NoCodeBDD.jar file is placed

Step 3: Run the following command:
java -jar NoCodeBDD.jar

NoCodeBDD will open in your default browser with the following link:

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