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Companies frequently use because of its free test automation platform with a user-friendly UI and a range of features. However, teams need to find a new solution to assist their test automation efforts because it will be phased down on March 31, 2023, as mentioned in this blog.

NoCodeBDD, which offers features comparable to those of and additionally supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) to encourage cooperation and alignment among stakeholders, is currently being considered by many businesses as a potential option.

This blog proposes that users think about switching to NoCodeBDD and explains why NoCodeBDD is a great option for people seeking for a substitute.

Feature Comparison

Following table shows a detailed feature comparison between and NoCodeBDD: Vs NoCodeBDD Vs NoCodeBDD

Why NoCodeBDD is a better choice for BDD and test automation

It’s critical for businesses to look beyond test automation itself when assessing test automation platforms and take the full software development life cycle, from requirements to release, into account. NoCodeBDD is an excellent substitute for that enables businesses to switch to a behavior-driven development methodology while preserving the automation advantages they have grown accustomed to. Teams can operate more productively and efficiently as a result of the process being more streamlined from beginning to end.

Migrating from to NoCodeBDD

One of the main worries for businesses when switching from to NoCodeBDD is how to move their current test cases to the new system. Thankfully, NoCodeBDD provides support for this migration and can offer additional aid with automating the test cases. With this assistance, businesses may move their test cases without incident and continue operating as usual.


The pricing structure for NoCodeBDD is available on their website at The following are the three price tiers:

Free: This tier is primarily for individuals, and it has restrictions on teamwork and the amount of scenarios that may be conducted monthly.
Business: Designed primarily for small businesses, this membership gives unlimited test runs but excludes collaboration tools and focuses only on community support.
Enterprise: This level, which contains all the capabilities indicated in the comparison table, is for businesses wishing to scale. Additionally, NoCodeBDD provides all of its enterprise users with world-class support and a team that has a wealth of knowledge and can work as an additional team to produce high-quality projects.


Teams must now find an alternative to if they want to meet their test automation demands. With a variety of features that enable BDD and make test automation simple and available to all team members, NoCodeBDD presents a fantastic alternative. Teams may keep delivering high-quality apps quickly and reliably by switching from to NoCodeBDD. The procedure is straightforward.


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