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by Jerome Josephraj


With NoCodeBDD, teams can automate Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) Scenarios for mobile applications with few clicks. To create test automation for mobile scenarios, typically, one would use Appium. Using NoCodeBDD, all you have to do is:

  • Collaborate and derive scenarios
  •  Automate scenarios using the no-code mobile module
  •  Run scenarios to test your mobile application
  •  Run scenarios against hundreds of iPhone/Android devices using BrowserStack or Perfecto plugin

Following gif shows how this is done for a sample mobile application:

NoCodeBDD Mobile Automation

NoCodeBDD also integrates with BrowserStack and Perfecto, so your scenarios could be run against hundreds of devices through the click of a button. A sample screen given below shows how you could easily integrate with BrowserStack and run against iPhone, Samsung, and Google devices:

NoCodeBDD BrowserStack integration

Using NoCodeBDD, you can automate Behavior-Driven Development scenarios for Web, Mobile, REST API, Relational Databases, and IBM MQ. You can also use a custom code module to easily extend or customize to suit your business requirements. There are several advanced options like support for multiple projects, environments, GIT, CI/CD, Docker, and various other functionalities, which are required to automate complex applications. The basic version is free, and you can download it by going to


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